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One of the key things a creative must cultivate is his or her curiosity.


The desire to remain curious is a human prerogative. If it hadn’t been for curiosity, I doubt our ancestors would have stepped very far from their caves. Let’s move you farther from your own “creative cave” with this reading list of best books about curiosity.

Curiosity for the world within and outside ourselves has made the human body evolve, has helped the human mind expand, and our civilization thrive.

Thanks to curiosity, the many unknowns that lie ahead can be seen for what they truly are, opportunities. Tweet me

When you let your curiosity speak louder than your fear, you make life-changing discoveries, despite the danger of stepping outside your comfort zone and onto new and unexplored territory.

The challenge is how to make your curiosity by the guiding principle, the stronger impulse, pulling you forward. Especially when curiosity has backfired before…

Mini-story time: When I was four or five years old, I was out window-shopping with my parents. I was enthralled by the window displays and traced them along with my four or five-year-old index finger... One of the windows made a corner toward the storefront, and I followed it. I saw the brightest bulb of light I had ever seen, and I wanted to feel the warmth through the glass. I was curious to know how it would in the blink of my parents eyes, I reached out and touched the glass. Unfortunately, there was no glass on that side, so my four or five-year-old finger pressed hard against a bright ball of fire instead. 

That day my curiosity was satisfied, with unforeseen consequences. I learned the hard way how hot a light bulb can get, how delicate my skin was and how not everything is as it seems. Sometimes, the protective glass ends but the fun display keeps going. And, don’t use your finger, use a tool!

What piqued your curiosity about this post?

The following is a list of some of the best books on the topic of curiosity, from our reading list to yours!


But first…

Why reading about curiosity?

What’s the point? what’s the goal?… The main reason is to spark your own exploration and discovery.

Just like with any other topic, like creativity or business, reading about curiosity will put you in the right frame of mind, to dive deep and take action. Tweet Me

Books about curiosity are essentially self-help books, because (going back to the first line in this post) curiosity is essential to your human development. Your authentic self cannot happen without you being curious about the core subject you should explore in your life: YOU!

Best Books About Curiosity Reading List:

(Books have not been ranked or listed in a particular order. The links below are not affiliates‘ links)

What makes your curiosity tingle?

Going through or picking one or two books from this curiosity reading list is only the first step. It will keep your mind focused on curiosity. It will hopefully bring up a lot of self-assessing questions.

Follow these questions. Capture them for later exploration. See to what subjects they take you, or what aspects of yourself they bring to light. There you may uncover the passion or unique value proposition to light up your self, your business, and brand.

I’m curious to know, what’s the subject you’re most curious about? and how does that subject relate to your current project? Share with me below!

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