This #Vlog and post will be part of the Creative ID Series, a way for me to dive deeper into the concepts and definitions that have sprung from the research and finding in The Orange Economy. As a creative, I believe we don’t have to want to belong to oneContinue Reading


In this #Vlog you’ll hear me talk briefly about the concept of The Orange Economy. As I dive deeper into the world of the creative industries, the disruption at its core fascinates me. Here’s one of the possible definitions, according to the book The Orange Economy: The creative economy (orangeContinue Reading


As we talked about in a previous post about reasons to start blogging now, a blog is an invaluable resource for the creative entrepreneur. It’s your platform, your virtual home, the place where you welcome your audience, followers, clients, and offer them a little more of you. As a creative,Continue Reading


It seems fitting to inaugurate the re-birth of The Creative Confidential Blog by answering this recent #Quora #Question: Why You Should Be Blogging In 2018? with a post. The up-voted answer was originally shared by marketing expert Matt Brennan from the Business2Business Community.Β Inspired by his on-the-nose answer, I want toContinue Reading