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This #Vlog and post will be part of the Creative ID Series, a way for me to dive deeper into the concepts and definitions that have sprung from the research and finding in The Orange Economy.

As a creative, I believe we don’t have to want to belong to one specific industry or be one specific thing. We can define and re-invent ourselves multiple times in multiple ways.

However, in a world where, for better or worse, labels are an intrinsic part of our social interactions, it’s good to be aware of the categories that are out there, the areas and elements that do not limit, yet represent pieces of our creative identity.

According to The Orange Economy, the Creativity Pie can be divided into:

  • Artistic Creativity (imagination, original/novel ideas)
  • Scientific Creativity (curiosity, observation, experimentation, solutions)
  • Economic Creativity (innovation in production tech, commercial practices, and marketing)

The Orange Universe could also be divided into:

  • Arts and Heritage
  • Conventional Cultural Industries
  • Creative Industries

As creative entrepreneurs, we can have a hand in spreading culture, creativity, and innovation, by working in projects and activities that span from the visual arts to publishing and software development.

We’re staring at an exciting landscape of creative opportunity, which we’ll explore together in upcoming episodes!

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