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This post was inspired by CrateJoy  self-care campaign #SelfCareSunday

Let start with a bold statement:

Self-care is crucial for creativity to flourish and more importantly, for the creator to endure and thrive despite the ups and downs of the creative process itself.

The way we care for ourselves should be unique and authentic to our needs and personal preference (aka. what makes us happy, not anybody else). It might involve getting up, out the door and going, engaged in a very physical activity, or it can be staying put, quieting our surroundings and heightening our awareness through meditation giving the body and mind a break. Both should feel great, comforting and energizing; we should feel renewed from within.

Self-care means paying attention:

  • To our overall health, diet, and exercise
  • At our creativity-building habits and routines
  • To the activities, moments and relationships that give us joy and fill us with positive/creative energy
  • At the activities, moments and relationships that dump their negativity on us and leaves us feeling drained
When we take the time to care about our body, mind, and soul we are sending a very clear message to the universe: We are ready to be vessels of its creative energy Click To Tweet

Creative Rituals

Here at The Creative Confidential we recognized and promote the importance of cultivating creative rituals. These rituals represent the way we do everything else in our lives, how we want to live.  Rituals generate feelings of security and focus. Drinking a cup of warm tea every Sunday afternoon. They can truly make a difference in our well-being and generate a deeper connection with the present moment and with ourselves. We can explore positive emotions, let our mind reap the benefits of gratitude and the self-empowerment of small but meaningful daily victories. We did something good and pleasant for our first and foremost ally, our self.

Treat Yourself with some of our favorite self-care kits from the CrateJoy Marketplace:

  • TheraBox
  • Pause and Unwind
  • Feeling Fab
  • Introverts Retreat
  • Culture Carton
  • The Home Detox Box
  • The Happiness Box

Treat Others by creating your own signature self-care box with CrateJoy

Why not share that self-care spirit and the intimate creative rituals you’ve created for yourself with others? Thanks to CrateJoy now you can start sharing your own subscription box today!

If you give any of this tips or kits a try, leave us the dets below 😉

**This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase using these links we’ll make a small commission. We only partner with and promote the products and services we believe in. We do not encourage any purchase that does not feel right to you, your budget or your creative entrepreneurial goals**

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