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Creative breakthroughs inside the millennial workplace.

How is the millennial workplace carving new and relevant spaces for our generation of women and men? And in a new era for women’s liberation, where do the millennial men stand?

The ideal millennial workplace is a diverse space. There we can replicate as much as possible the open and collaborative environments that we've seen taking root around the world. Click To Tweet

We seek an authentic organizational culture. It can be created and cultivated. The fact of the matter is, we don’t have to take anything away from the gender-specific communities growing in strength among both men and women. I believe the workspace we share is the common ground where we should stand together.

The logical place for men to stand is right at the side of women.

Millennial men are the product of liberated mothers. Many chose to work and have a family. They still represent models of persistence and determination for their sons and daughters. Click To Tweet

I want men to be part of the conversation & collaboration happening on the table. We all want to hear different voices, male and female perspectives coming from women and men.

Millennial men are already standing in the flanks of the movement because they know the greater cause is human rights. They know that the rise of women means the rise of all.

Where can you stand as a man in the millennial workplace?

  • Stand to support child-care
  • Speak up for paternity leave
  • Support equal pay for equal work
  • Stand for gender, racial, cultural diversity
  • Speak against discrimination of any kind
  • Stand for each other, stand for us, and for the generations to come…

I want to be inspired! Share with me below all the ways you’re standing as a millennial @work 🙂


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