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Movember is about men’s health

There’re issues endangering the health of men, mainly neglect, avoidance, the social pressure to be silent, quiet emotions and just take it “like a man”. Movember advocates for change. Because for society to thrive we need healthy women and men. We need to change the narrative for boys as well as the narrative for girls.

The reality is that men are dying from preventable and treatable diseases, as well as from taking matters into their own hands, not to find solutions or reach out for help, but to end the pain and suffering, and with it cut short the potential their lives represented.

Creativity and self-expression is an outlet for emotions, in making one finds a purpose, a way to say the things we cannot say, a way to cope with difficult or challenging situations.

Offer the gift of creativity and self-expression to the men in your life. The bedrock of society rests in the hands of each individual, but to move it further along it’ requires a group effort. Women and men, united and finally free to say, we’re ready to shake the limits of our genders, embrace masculine and feminine traits, to make our lives whole, to save our lives, take it as a human being, heels, beards and all.

Quotes to Inspire Your Movember

Life is like a mustache, it can be wonderful or terrible, but it always tickles. Nora Roberts.

There’s always a period when a man with a beard shaves it off. This period does not last. He returns headlong to his beard. Jean Cocteau

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self (and growing a magnificent beard.) Ernest Hemingway

The beard signifies the courageous. The beard distinguishes the grown men. The ernest. The active. The vigorous.
ST. Augustine

Barba non facit philosophum. Plutarkhos Click To Tweet

And to my bearded readers, remember that last snippet of beard wisdom; the beard doesn’t make the philosopher. Don’t use it to hide behind. Let it compel you to act on your true inner wisdom.

Don’t neglect your physical and mental health, get checked, speak up. We need you on the team!

For more information and ways to get involved visit the official Movember USA page.





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