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Saying Thank You is Hard Enough

Millennial gratitude ( or rather ingratitude) is the bane of our parents’ existence. We have a tendency to express gratitude with less buoyancy and more suspicion. Why are we so particular about handing out our thank you notes?

I was taught to say thank you but I never understood why. I was told to be grateful for what I had but was also told it was not enough. I had to want more out of life. Click To Tweet

Our generation is filled with interpersonal paradigms like this. So I offer a simple guide to express and uphold your millennial gratitude and work and life.

To express gratitude at work:

  • Think of new and creative ways to add value with your skills, your vision, your style.
  • Show people in your team and in your field respect for who they are and what they can teach you.
  • Be positive and proactive while still acting with humility, humanity, and empathy.

To express gratitude at home:

  • Take care for your home and the people and pets you share it with a priority.
  • Don’t pollute the air you breathe at home with toxic negative thoughts or actions.
  • Practice the art of seeing things from a new perspective to find creative ways to use what you already have.

Express gratitude in general:

  • Be kind even when the person or situation tells you otherwise.
  • Start each day with a positive tone by achieving and keeping some simple wins in your back pocket.
  • Remember gratitude is an energy force that serves you, the giver, more than the receiver.

What is this millennial grateful for?

  • I’m grateful for the basic human needs I have covered, the food, the shelter, the unconditional love.
  • For the intangible things that nurture my soul, day-dreaming, visualizing, cultivating my optimal experiences.
  • And for the tangible things I get to create, especially, my books.
  • I’m grateful to have this digital space to write on my creative breakthroughs, another way to add my voice to the mix in the oblivion of the internet of all things.

And right now, I’m grateful you’re here. It’s really not that hard after all. It shouldn’t be when you finally discover for yourself why you’re doing it.

Thank you.

PS: The subject of cultivating gratitude has made a big difference in my life. I want to keep exploring it as part of this blog. If you feel the same way and want to read more leave me a few words below 😉





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