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An obvious way to begin a new year is with a blank-slate mentality and a list of resolutions. Take a look at the things left on the table; the projects you started but didn’t finished, the ideas and the dreams. Your goals are there.

Is there something that can or should be kept and reworked? Is there anything that ultimately belongs in the trash bin?

Even if there’s a project or idea you feel attached to, it doesn’t mean you need to keep it alive year after year. Sometimes ideas come just to shed light on a possibility, a new path or perspective. That’s all they were meant to do.

So, how will you reach your goals this year?

1. You are older a wiser.

Last year taught you something. This is the time to reflect on those lessons and use the knowledge to formulate better goals, goals that fit your personality, skills, current financial means, lifestyle…

2. You have settled on a personal why.

3. You have found the self-accountability tools that work for you.

4. You will think big but start small.

5. You will add intrinsic value to your personal goals.

6. You will welcome constructive criticism and move quickly to implementation.

7. You will edit out the relationships and situations that are harming or stalling your own self-growth.

8. You will seek the answers when you don’t have them.

9. You will not rely on external praise but let yourself flow empowered with an inner sense of accomplishment.

10. You will set and communicate personal and professional limits on your self, your energy and time.

11. You will remember to put your mask on first before assisting others, and not feel bad about it.

12.You will develop the habit of check-in periodically with yourself and make the appropriate changes.

13. You will seek feedback effectively, and filter everything into a framework that serves you.

14. You will expand your circle of advisers.

15. You will embrace new perspectives and be open to creative solutions.

16. You have found a way to tie all your passions into a single focus.

17. You will cultivate your mind, body, and spirit.

18. You have a support team around you, for inspiration, motivation and diverse points of view.

19. You will make yourself your one and only competition.

As you can see, all the reasons in this lists are stated as affirmations of what you already can do, and why you will success this year. In fact, these are all positive habits that will serve you to reach your goals and lead a more fulfilling life as a whole, embracing a goal oriented mentality.


You already have every reason you need to succeed in what you want to accomplish this year. You have to know your personal reason. Never leave it all up to chance.

Taking action as a habit is the best way to fend of all the negative emotions and negative self-talk that comes from dwelling on unaccomplished goals. Click To Tweet

And here’s an extra reason for you: You will because you can. To break the cycle of unfulfilled goals, you just have to believe in yourself, and set yourself up for success by:

In other words, you will reach the goals you set for you this year if you take an active part in finding out what they are, and then, taking an active role in making them part of your actual life.

We’ll dive deeper into each one of these 19 reasons in a series of upcoming posts 😉


What’s a personal reason that will make you reach your goals this year? Share below!

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