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Creative thinking is my jam, but what about this design thinking I’m hearing so much about?

According to The New School, it is a “method and mindset that starts with empathy to frame and solve problems.”

What I’ve learned so far about design thinking:

  • The emphasis is on quick, cheap and collaborative solutions.
  • It’s not just about telling, but about showing how those solutions can work in the real world, and the everyday life of one individual.
  • The objective is to implement both divergent and convergent ways of thinking.
  • It looks toward designing meaningful connections.
  • The objective is to frame a problem in different ways.
  • What it wants is to deepen our understanding of human needs and motivations.
  • Its jump-off point is: the story on the individual or community.
  • It looks to uncover an authentic why.
  • It broadens the mind and exercises the emphatic muscle at the core of our shared human experience.

Have you dabbled in design thinking, maybe without knowing it? Are actively taking part of a design thinking challenge? Share your story with me below!

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