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What happens when you don’t know? Anxiety fills your minds with a thousand negative scenarios. Fear makes you ready to fight or flee. Panic blinds you to better judgments and best opportunities, your body freezes in place.

There’re so many variables out of your control. There’s so much you just do not know and can’t know. But there’s also a lot you can figure out beforehand. There’s a lot you can do to fend off the unknowns that your creative live will ultimately bring.

The common saying goes “Ignorance is bliss” but that’s just not applicable to the mindset of the creative entrepreneur. You must avoid ignorance at all cost. Among many other things, you must never:

  • ignore our instincts.
  • take our environment for granted.
  • devalue our growth.
  • disrespect our customers/audience/fans.

How To Embrace Self-Empowerment with Knowledge?

Structure you day with a plan and a routine that brings a measure of certainty into your life.

Flexibility allows for the unexpected and surprising to have a room. Events are not labeled as good or bad, they are new or challenging. Curiosity has space to roam.

Self-Knowledge is the key to your self-empowerment. By knowing yourself you’ll know what type of structure best fits your routine, how much space must be left to creativity and what other strategies should be implemented to keep unknowns at bay.

Why do people choose ignorance?

  • Some want to avoid responsibility
  • Others let anxiety and fear control their decisions.
  • Some prefer to stick to old habits of thought they are used to.
  • Others don’t what to make the effort to plan ahead or do the work required to know themselves.

To remain ignorant of ourselves, our world and our journey is to lead an unfulfilled life. Life can be much richer and rewarding if we don’t avoid asking the hard questions and taking the difficult steps. Are there ignorant people achieving success? Yes. Is that the kind of superficial success you want? Your answer will determine your next step.

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Ignorance might seem appealing in a world where we are bombarded with information with little to no difficulty. But being buckets of meaningless information is not having knowledge. And shutting ourselves off to all knowledge takes us right back and deep into Plato’s cave. We don’t want to be there.

We want and need to be out the darkness, fighting unknowns, armed with information, a plan, and the self-knowledge to use them for good.

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