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What’s in a box? The creative answer is… what can’t there be?

Sure, as creative entrepreneurs and creatives, in general, we are always advocating for out-of-the-box thinking. We run from the possibility of being boxed-in like the plague.

Yes, we want to break that box and wreck that wheel, when in fact most days we want to crawl inside our little self-made boxes, fold into a tight ball, take deep breaths, step away from all the making and the breaking. We want to ride that wheel out of our zip codes. (but I digress)

Curiosity is definitely one of the things that we encourage all creatives to explore and eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snacks in between. Click To Tweet

And a box is a vehicle to spread that curiosity around. We are intrigued by boxes, the experience of unboxing itself brings us back to childhood days, Birthdays and Xmas. We even eagerly search for the vicarious excitement of opening boxes on YouTube, making the type of video one of the most popular and engaging.

If we can’t have our own boxes to open, we sure love to watch others break those seals, take out the bubble wraps, the scraps of paper, foam, and finally the ultimate reward, the item picked, packed, delivered, satiating our curiosity, experiencing the rush, enjoying the thrill, gaining satisfaction from the gift-giving nature of the whole scene.

The Box of the Creative Entrepreneur

If you are reading this post, there’s a big chance you’ve been toying with the idea of a subscription box. Being the gift giver, the originator of a special package is something that can make the connection with your subscribers feel real.

As with everything you do, it must begin from an authentic and purposeful place. Thinking about the kind of box you would like to receive yourself and why is a good place to start. The items you select to go inside your unique subscription box should prompt a reaction from your subscribers. They should be tied in either a literal or creative way to your business, your art, your message. They should inspire new ways of thinking and making and creating.

How about Book Boxes? Being in the self-publishing business, we are inclined toward boxes designed around a book, with elements that pour organically from its central theme, that might enhance the story’s emotional core, take the reader to new times and places and immerse him or her into the book’s world.

Non-fiction book boxes can apply the same strategy, this time providing tools for implementation and other inspirational/motivational resources.

Here’s the complete list of 50 ideas for subscription boxes you could start today, courtesy of the Cratejoy blog.

Have you already design and currently send boxes to your subscribers? Share the dets about your unique box below and check out Cratejoy Marketplace.

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