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This week I’m having fun with a box-full of elements to play with…

The Epic Collage Maker is an eclectic collection that offers touches of whimsy to accessorized your creations.

A wiggly line can truly be a well of inspiration. An old polaroid can frame a simple vision. A piece of paper, rough around the edges can add so much to the message… say so much about its author.

Lacking photo editing software…not an excuse. Having the expertise of the CreativeMarket designers…an asset difficult to overlook, its impact on our final result hard to quantify.

The Epic Collage Maker is a creative bundle by Big Cat Creative and it includes, among other things:

93 Graphic elements to work with and add to your images and designs

3 Polaroid frames to customized

13 Paper images to create unique effects

As a writer, I was hooked with the array of elements alone. Self-expression through lines is my bread and butter, so, I was happy to find lines-galore as part of this creative bundle. How will I put them to good use…spread them out like creamy peanut butter all over my creations? We’ll find out!

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Stay tuned for next week’s favorite free goodie!


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