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As part of the spiritual and mental improvement of this creative gal, continued learning is a priority and online classes are top of the list.

20% Skill

Even though one shouldn’t put a price on a great education (or educational experience) the reality is taking traditional avenues to improve our skills is expensive. Most of them also involve driving to and from a physical location that almost never happens to be close to home.

For the issues of budget and convenience, I’m always looking for opportunities to get that continuing education bucket flowing without having to break the bank.

There’s also the issue of quality of offerings and teachers.

I’m looking for professors with real-world expertise and authentic passion for the subject matter. I’m also looking for a variety of subjects to spark my interest and creativity. I love to learn about trends in my field but I also love to explore other fields, industries, or topics that are new, different and require the use or development of other skill, step out of my comfort zone. I highly encourage other creatives to do the same.

What caught my eye @CreativeLive for next week?

Weekend Yoga Reset

Yoga and meditation are two skills I practice on a daily basis. My at-home sessions include a Daily Calm meditation and the weekly videos from Yoga With Adriene.

A Weekend Yoga Reset sound particularly appealing now that I’m getting back to blogging and have other writing projects in queue. Scheduling a weekend to re-center and re-energize myself and make room for creativity seems just what my soul needs.

Write Your Book. Start Strong and Get it Done

You might think writing a book would get easier with time. It really doesn’t. We need to muster the same amount of self-discipline and motivation to write the third and fourth book as we did the first.

I’m currently at that stage in the process where inspiration is just not knocking hard at my door. Why not go back to basics and get new a new perspective and strategies from another author?

I’ll RSVP for these On-Air Classes today!

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