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My self-published trade book arrived and I must say, I’m pleased with the final product and the book-making process with Blurb as a whole.

These are the details of the book I made:

  • Trade Book Format (size 6×9)
  • Soft Cover
  • Economy, standard paper (matte)
  • 28 pages.
  • Text and images.

First impressions:

  • The book came well-packaged and in perfect condition.
  • As expected it’s pretty thin, with only 26 pages of content.
  • The soft cover is easily bendable, which was also expected.
  • The image quality on the cover is sharp and so is the title/subtitle font.
  • The binding seems strong, all pages are aligned and can turn with ease.
  • The texts are clear and the letter size and font fits this type of booklet.
  • The images came out great too, though they would certainly have benefited from shiny paper instead of the matte finish I picked.

Book Review:

The size and quality of this trade book truly make it a great format to showcase a project, service or business at a pitch, pop-up, expo or other promotional events.

And I Meant it is a celebration of couplehood and relationships. It’s a collection of ten short personal essays about my journey as part of a couple, paired with images that reflect the theme or emotion at the core of each essay.

It is a small (slim) book, easy to read and geared toward moments of self-reflection. It aims to inspire other couples to write about and celebrate their own journeys.


If you are excited to try Blurb Books for your next book-making project here are a few things I would recommend.

  1. Check out the Blurb Tutorials first, to get an idea of the platform and the type of books you can make.
  2. Subscribe to their list to get notified when discount offers and promo codes are available. Take advantage of these offers to reduce the final price on your book.
  3. Start with something small, like a Trade Book or Travel Book.
  4. If you are planning on creating a Photo Book, invest on shiny or glossy paper.
  5. After you sign up on Blurb Books you’ll be redirected to upload BookWright, this is the actual book-making platform. Once you publish your book and set up your distribution it will appear in Blurb Books as part of their online store.
  6. Do not skip the final proofreading.
  7. Blurb offers a variety of formats for your final book. Pick the one that fits best with your overall purpose for the book and your budget for the project (book, eBook, pdf).
  8. Order one proof copy first.

If you decide to give Blurb a try let me know how it goes in the comments!

Have you ever published through Blurb? Share a pic with your book and tag us on Fbk @CreativeConfidential.


To watch the unboxing of my Blurb book click her for episode 13 of Gaba’s Vlog

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