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The mind is the beginning of everything. From our thoughts come our reality, from our perspectives come the way we see and interpret the world. And from our imagination come the many creative paths we follow.

The mind can play many tricks on us. It can even rationalize the belief that we are not creative in the first place. Click To Tweet

When we talk about the mind we might picture only its most safe and rational aspect, the conscious mind. But the ideas communicated by our conscious mind come from information, instincts; emotional footprint that our experiences leave not just in a conscious but an unconscious level.

From the melange of our conscious and unconscious minds, humans conceive and bring forth great innovations, ideas that become solutions, dreams that become reality.

One book has made us re-discover the mystery of the mind in a very accessible way. Subliminal has inspired a line of self-questioning that has led us to think differently about creativity and the mastery of creative impulses that come from these two aspects of our mind, the conscious and unconscious.

To master our creative mind we must:

  • Embrace both the conscious and unconscious
  • Build a path for consciousness to engage with ideas
  • Leave space for unconsciousness to bubble up to the surface
  • Gain awareness of our unconscious behavior
  • Respect the limits of our conscious thoughts

Our creative mind feeds from conscious experience and unconscious processing of that experience. It is a layered process. While the unconscious can be a wonderful well of inspiration, the conscious mind interprets and translates those abstract ideas into actions, solutions, experiences. Then the creative mind puts everything together.

We master our creatives minds when we don’t block the process when we don’t get in the way. When we let both conscious thought and unconscious responses, perceptions and information work in the realm of creation.

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