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I’m no Buddhist or Zen monk, so, why meditation?

Something will happen this week that will make you lose your balance. The point of meditation at work is to counter the impact of these unforeseen events from within.

  • A coworker will say something, a colleague will do something, or won’t, a supervisor or team leader will ask something of you which you might feel unprepared, incapable or unwilling to do.
  • Maybe you’ll lose the train, have the flat tire, spill the coffee, break the heel.
  • Perhaps you’ll get a persistent headache or a full-fledged migraine.
  • You will definitely have a variety of smaller issues to tackle at home.

This bleak picture I just painted is not the whole picture though. Not if you see stressors and obstacles as part of the journey, part of the organic training call everyday life.

No matter how diverse, harmonious and open your workplace, that's the arena where the battle between negative and positive mindsets are fought. Click To Tweet

Your biggest battles take place in your mind.

Ego comes to play, so do limiting beliefs, fears and illusions. You are at the center of all that. If you are centered enough, you’ll always win, by remaining calm, having clarity of vision, when others get their thoughts clouded by emotion.

Meditation at work is taking a break to practice the inner strength of your warrior self. To go into yourself, recharge, quiet the mind, let what images and words flow come in and out without judgment.

What remains beyond the silence and the breath is what matters most.

And it’s by regaining this positive perspective how you can achieve ultimate balance. The creative balance.

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