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Don’t Work Harder. Work Smarter

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It’s easy to forget that working harder at something is not the answer. It might seem to had worked for our parents and grandparents. But the reality that they sometimes miss is the fact that the people who found lasting success were the ones who learned how to work smarter; to use their resources effectively, to manage their time efficiently. The ones who said no on a regular basis, but seemed to always be saying yes.

You can master that kind of productivity. You can practice a work ethic that is based on working smart, not hard.

Why do I mean by working hard?

I mean getting up before dawn, sleeping late, rushing to and from work and never having enough time. Doing your job on top of the job of all the slackers. Feeling depleted and frustrated on a daily basis.

Working hard is putting your heart and soul into something and still having nothing to show for all that effort.

Why do I mean by working smart?

I mean having a plan, a good sense of your skills, a good management of your time. Understanding what is expected of you. To under promise and over deliver every time.

Making room for you first and realizing that adding on to your plate, when is not necessary, it’s just not worth it.

7 simples millennial productivity tips (to avoid working hard)


Put it down, pin it, post it, stick it somewhere you can see. Blocking time on a physical calendar or digital app helps you set boundaries you can see. These will also be seen by your co-workers and team leaders. And when the time comes to say no, you’ll have your schedule to back you up.


We’re in the age of automation for the masses. Set it and forget it. There are many “menial tasks” or recurring responsibilities that can be set on repeat. How can you streamline your creativity? What can you add to your automation loops?


Have ready the resources you need to get the work done. The moment to look for the right tool for the job is not when you’re about to start. Keep a collection of curated resources and update on a regular basis.


Find the right person for the job. One of the best ways to say no, while saying yes and avoided get loaded with work you don’t want or have no time to do it to pass it on to someone else. Have a keen eye for talent around your team. Be the person to highlight the talents of others and sponsor colleagues for the job.


To be able to identify that talent and delegate with leadership you must first know the people you work with and generate good and professional relationships with them and around your industry. You understand the quid pro quo (or tit for tat) nature of the workplace.


Make your place of work a place for productivity. No matter the size, shape, location or configuration of your workspace, you have to redesign it in any way you can, to make you work less hard to achieve your daily goals. You also need to declutter your agenda, and your network as well. Say goodbye to everything that does not serve or add value to your life, it must be re-located or re-assessed.


Letting go of anything is hard. But the more you do it, the easy it will get. Especially after you feel the weight off your shoulders and see the room to grow.

In conclusion…

As a millennial you don’t want to work that hard, you just have to work smarter than the person sitting next to you. And of course, you will be modeling or actively mentoring that colleague in this way of thinking and working so he or she can rise up too.

yay is what millennial creatives say




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