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(This post was inspired by Blurb‘s creative question: What’s your perfect creative Sunday)

When Monday rolls around, do you feel energized and ready to face a brand new week? Do you feel the full force of your creative self, ideas and potential oozing from your creative soul? or do you feel the opposite, an inert soulless being devoid of inspiration, unable to come up with an idea worth exploring or even mustering the energy needed to come up with half an ordinary thought?

That second scenario should give very unpleasant chills to all creatives. But come Monday it is already too late to start the engines running. Like older models, we have to let the creative engines run a while before putting any pressure on it.

Sundays are made for the recharging of our creative soul. Click To Tweet

When the creator (us) rests, the creation (our craft, our life) keeps going, carried by the force of the momentum, and we are going with it. It is the moment to let the past week take us on to the next, with mini-lessons learned, small wins and upcoming plans in our ideas’ bucket list.

The perfect creative Sunday is one which provides space, stillness, time and tools for observation, reflection, and inspiration.

This is what our perfect creative Sunday looks like…

  • A lazy beach, a quiet bench, a newly discovered book
  • No agenda, no expectations, no rush
  • A blank notebook, a crisp page, a moment of visualization
  • A moment of self-compassion, self-forgiveness, a return to our core

The perfect time to look back briefly to take in what we can and only carry what will serve us in the week to come.

What does your perfect Sunday look like?

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