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Today I’m celebrating the website relaunch for The Creative Confidential. This website is well into its fourth year. But to make 2020 my most creative year I’m embracing a new mindset, and have set ambitious goals, so this virtual home (and office) is now officially open for business.

Knowing that I’m breathing life back to a website that has been sitting pretty, gathering digital dust, made me think about the reasons behind planning a relaunch.

Why relaunch an existing website or blog?

That seems like a logical question somebody might ask. The answer for you may lie in one or all of the three (3) categories below: personal reasons, branding reasons and/or business reasons.

Before discovering and defining all those reasons, here’re a few which I don’t find compelling enough to plan and execute a relaunch:

  • “Everybody else is doing it,” is not a reason to do anything. Other people’s personal, branding or business timelines don’t need to apply to you.
  • “I need to start from scratch,” which might make you go as far as changing domains, buying expensive themes or hiring a web designer, expecting her to deliver a stellar product when you are still not clear on your vision.
  • “I’m bored with the old website,” is something to think about and explore further. What’s putting you off, why do you think it no longer works for you?

Outside pressure, FOMO (or any sort of fear), and boredom should not be reasons to commit to a relaunch or a new launch for that matter.

But there are plenty of reasons to look at your website or blog critically, give it a new coat of paint, dust it off and try this web-service-thing or blogging-thing another go. (reasons coming up next!)


Personal Reasons

You want to:
  • Make a new and strong commitment to consistently expressing your creativity.
  • Practice your writing skills.
  • Gain some perspective on your life.
  • Engage with other bloggers and be part of a large creative community.
  • Document your personal or professional journey.
  • Establish an online presence to gain credibility in your field.

Branding Reasons

You want to:

Business Reasons

You want to:
  • Set up or update your working portfolio to attract new clients.
  • Update your catalog of products, distribution or service offers.
  • Announce, celebrate or promote new business ventures or partnerships.
  • Update your business functionality and quality of user experience.

Why am I celebrating this relaunch?

These are my reasons:

Personal: I want to make a stronger commitment to my creative self-expression. I want to write content here and explore my perspective on the topics that move me, gaining new awareness of my style, learning and improving my content writing and storytelling skills.

Branding: I wanted to better define and refine my personal brand along with the Creative Confidential Brand. Through the relaunch process, I’ve gained new insights into the look, feel and personality of my brand, as a reflection of myself, my personality, message, and values.

Business: I wanted to evolve the blog into a virtual home base for my bilingual content writing services, as my proof of concept, a window into my value proposition as a freelance and entrepreneur.

I wanted a place where I could send prospective clients all over the world, and for them to say, “I know, like and trust Gaba, and what she can do for me, my brand and my business content writing goals.”

Before, I had something good, but mostly I had something dead. It was not the website that was dead (or dormant), it was my enthusiasm and excitement.

My website relaunch is not a huge party celebration. The date marks only the beginning of a new phase in this creative and entrepreneurial journey I’m taking. The main reason was taking action and setting deadlines to move my freelancing career, my authentic self, and my creative life forward.

So, there you have it! The Creative Confidential is officially relaunched. If you have any comments, questions, and feedback about the website, blog, resources, and services, send them my way using the contact form below 😉

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