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The Self-Healing Power of Writing.

There are mindful activities that connect us with a sense of self, unattainable through anything else. Music, artistic expressions, dance, painting, drawing, writing. We do this naturally, almost unaware of the power they hold on our very human soul.

As a writer, I’m drawn to the written word to relieve internal pressure, to focus my mind, channel my emotions. I always have. Instinctively, I took up a discarded notebook, a pencil, and began writing down intimate observations about my world, my external and internal life. What poured out was an internal monologue. As it flowed out of me through my pencil, the weight of those feelings and thoughts lifted from my shoulders.

I highly recommend young writers to create and develop a daily journaling practice, however, I also encourage everyone to do it, regardless of whether or not they harvest literary or academic inclinations. From small children to their grandparents, from a little gratitude journal, a few words a day, to a full-fledged memoir or novel.

We don’t all have a someone to talk to, we may not want to talk about all our most intimate preoccupations, the issues we’ve dragged from childhood, adolescence, last week’s barbecue, but we don’t have to, and we don’t need to run off to the mountaintop either. We have the simple tool of self-expression and self-healing in our hands; a smooth enough surface and something to write with. Click To Tweet

How has writing healed my soul and what magic can it work in yours?

  • Writing has given me a purpose
  • It has given me time and space to de-clutter my mind
  • Journaling has helped me gain perspective
  • It has led me to solutions

Writing can open up new sources of creativity from previously unexplored ideas. It can transform those feelings and thoughts into something unexpectedly wonderful and unique; a project, a painting, a piece of music or choreography. An untold story that might heal another soul in the process.

Your can write for purely personal reasons. For the act of writing and what the activity gives you is the best reason to do it and the best way to start. The magic of words that unravel from within can be liberating, an act of self-affirmation and self-empowerment in itself. Do not miss out!

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