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I must confess, for years I had a negative view of routine. Even as it was part of my daily life, instead of believing my routine was a source of self-empowerment I saw it as confining and restrictive. Is it friend or foe?

Of course, as a child and adolescent, I had little power over my daily routine. Only later, in college, I took control of my routine and came to appreciate the certainty it gave me.

But I did not fully comprehend the positive power of routine until I found myself without it.

What I’ve learned about routine:

  • Like anything else we incorporate into our lives, can overpower us if we let it.
  • It can add a much-needed measure of structure and flexibility, to awaken, nurture and give creativity room to grow.
  • It can be a highly effective creative strategy.

Friend or Foe:

Routine becomes a foe if…

  • Leaves no room for the unexpected
  • Ties you to activities you aren’t passionate about
  • It has been imposed by someone else

Routine becomes a friend when…

  • It’s flexible and evolves with your wants and needs
  • It’s centered around your creative passions
  • It has been created and is periodically revised by you

The power to turn our routine into a friend or a foe lies with us. We have to take responsibility and be the masters of our routine!

This process is a mindful daily practice.

Stay tuned for an upcoming mini-course on the power of routine.

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