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2020 had so much potential. We welcomed the year with a long list of plans, dreams, and expectations. Creativity in a time of crisis was the furthest thing from my mind.

I wanted to make this web and blog a destination for busy entrepreneurs wanting to create and develop bilingual content to reach a wider community.

I began the year with a lot of enthusiasm and momentum. But then, in the second week of March, a strict quarantine was imposed where I live. Still, I had a now “virtual” workshop to prepare.

And so, during that first month of social isolation I kept working, focusing on every aspect of the workshop; planning, recording, and setting everything up, the videos, resources, and follow up.

It filled me with great joy to deliver the information and fulfill my part of the bargain with the creatives who had signed up to join the workshop.

However, by the start of the second month of quarantine, momentum was over, the energy was depleted, focus shifted.

I would spend the next two months wandering from one project to the next, trying to regain some purpose and perspective, fighting hard against the physical and mental lethargy that results from not knowing when life would go back to normal or what that “normal” would be and feel like.

I still don’t know.


Creativity in Times of Crisis & Creative Unknowns

As businesses and entrepreneurs we are facing unprecedented times. Yes, we’ve been through health, social and economic crisis before, and we will again.

But this crisis hit us collectively, locally and on a global scale. This crisis sped up time and pushed it back at the same time.

Education, work, and ordinary life turned virtual in the blink of an eye. And the move made us both face the limitations of these tools and the wonderful opportunities they offer to keep a semblance of human connection going.

This time crisis is (still) pulling people apart, while generating new meaningful connections, strengthening relationships.

In the few months after quarantine began, I’ve seen some businesses and entrepreneurs flourish, while others fell over the heavyweight of uncertainly.

The businesses and entrepreneurs that have survived (so far) have managed to face new creative unknowns by reinventing themselves, reimagining their business model, their offers, and connecting with their customers, becoming a source of positivity.

The fact is, times of crisis bring with them creative unknowns.

In uncertain times, those who succeed do it because they can huddle together to harness the power of a strong vision, a strong team, with flexibility and imagination.

Gaba Gotay, The Creative Confidential

Crisis as the Seed of Change

I’ve written about perspective here before, and I’m sure I will again because to lead a creative business and live a creative life, perspective is key.

A crisis is a terrible thing. Having had to live through this global crisis will leave an indelible mark on all of us. But true leaders thrive in a crisis, because they see it as a wake-up call.

A moment of crisis has the potential to generate radical change, and change is a good thing, in business as in life.

No leader wants life to get stagnant. What's not moving in some direction, is dead. Tweet Me

Creativity in times of crisis is what gives you the tools to uncover and harvest the seeds of change in your business or your life.

  • What’s this crisis shown you about your business, project, or life’s choices?
  • Are there any weak spots that have come to light?
  • Have some new strengths been discovered or put into action?
  • What have you learned about you, your team, your customers, or clients that you didn’t know before?
  • What new strategies have you implemented?
  • How has your brand message supported or hinder your connection with your team, customers, or clients?

Welcoming the Challenge to your Creativity

Assessing your response to a crisis and answering questions listed above are the first steps to welcome the challenge as an opportunity to be and do better.

The creative leader, business owner, and entrepreneur is never afraid of a challenge that allows her to put her creative gears in motion.

Gaba Gotay, The Creative Confidential

Coming up…

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  • You don’t need to “know” to “do”
  • How to set up your “Creativity in Crisis” Kit
  • Be empowered to face your next crisis
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What creative project, idea or solution did you or your team came up with due to the experience of this recent crisis?


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