Saying Thank You is Hard Enough Millennial gratitude ( or rather ingratitude) is the bane of our parents’ existence. We have a tendency to express gratitude with less buoyancy and more suspicion. Why are we so particular about handing out our thank you notes? Our generation is filled with interpersonalContinue Reading

As I pointed out in the first of my Cre8ive ID vlog series, creativity is shape-shifting.  In its many forms, creativity spreads all over essential aspects of our daily life and the basic dynamics of our world. It impacts art and cultural heritage, conventional industries like publishing and creative industriesContinue Reading

Creative minds need creative breaks. The obsession with being always on, always actively at work is counter-productive. The expectation we set on ourselves to produce one fantastic, earth-shattering project after another, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is exhausting, and not a successful strategy. Expectations cannot be achieved, ideasContinue Reading