What do you stand for? That’s one foundational question you must take time to ask yourself, because what you stand for dictates what you believe in from the core of your being, what values and principles guide your life, what are you willing and ready to do, when and whereContinue Reading


One of my weekly self-care rituals involves me, my mat, my block, my tablet and the guiding voice of Adriene. I show up to Yoga and it gives back to me. The value I gain from showing up, following the movements as best I can and listening to her inspirationalContinue Reading


Weekends are for Creators… And I can’t wait to partake of the digital conference by Create & Cultivate. If you don’t know what Create & Cultivate is all about I invite you to discover them here. You could think of it as a network of empowering conferences and resources gearedContinue Reading


Creative leaders need to find assertive ways to communicate their vision. No matter how innovative or game-changing an idea might be, if it comes out of us poorly expressed it will lay flat on the floor, it will not reach the emotional core of our audience or engage its intellectContinue Reading

What happens when you don’t know? Anxiety fills your minds with a thousand negative scenarios. Fear makes you ready to fight or flee. Panic blinds you to better judgments and best opportunities, your body freezes in place. There’re so many variables out of your control. There’s so much you justContinue Reading

The mind is the beginning of everything. From our thoughts come our reality, from our perspectives come the way we see and interpret the world. And from our imagination come the many creative paths we follow. When we talk about the mind we might picture only its most safe andContinue Reading

Three years ago I went to a contemporary art exhibit that featured all sorts of creations, from sculptures to videos projected on the ceiling, from new fashion to a little piece of writing. It was a page, rip from a diary, and it was inside a small turquoise frame, onContinue Reading

It’s difficult to swim against the current. It’s especially difficult to fight against the negative tide of other people’s fears, anxieties, failures, and mistakes projected onto us. As difficult as it is, negativity from others is part of the creative process. As creatives, we will have ideas, visions, projects thatContinue Reading

Because at one time or another we have all felt lazy and sluggish. It’s important to remember that downtime is good for the mind and inspiration. We don’t have to actively engage in an activity or project all the time. But when that lazy feeling is making us feel uncomfortable,Continue Reading