Simona’s New Friend is the third installment of the bilingual children book series Simona’s Adventures.  What is this bilingual book series about? Simona was the little character that pushed me into self-publishing three years ago. Ever since the illustrator, Mariel Garcia, sent me the draft of Simona I knew IContinue Reading

I must confess, for years I had a negative view of routine. Even as it was part of my daily life, instead of believing my routine was a source of self-empowerment I saw it as confining and restrictive. Is it friend or foe? Of course, as a child and adolescent,Continue Reading

Three years ago I went to a contemporary art exhibit that featured all sorts of creations, from sculptures to videos projected on the ceiling, from new fashion to a little piece of writing. It was a page, rip from a diary, and it was inside a small turquoise frame, onContinue Reading

You might be able to do it all. You might be a writer who also draws, and has a handle on graphic design. But if you are like me, and you don’t want to wait until your own skills as an illustrator improve before sharing a story with the world,Continue Reading

This #Vlog and post will be part of the Creative ID Series, a way for me to dive deeper into the concepts and definitions that have sprung from the research and finding in The Orange Economy. As a creative, I believe we don’t have to want to belong to oneContinue Reading


In this #Vlog you’ll hear me talk briefly about the concept of The Orange Economy. As I dive deeper into the world of the creative industries, the disruption at its core fascinates me. Here’s one of the possible definitions, according to the book The Orange Economy: The creative economy (orangeContinue Reading

Yes! I believe there is such a thing as healthy competition. As creatives we are the product before anything else we create, we must brand ourselves. Outside competition can work as a point of reference. Inside competition, as a source of intrinsic motivation. Here are 7 ways in which weContinue Reading

As creatives, we are always hunting for new ideas. How can we generate these ideas organically? I propose we start from the basic component of our verbal and written communications: Words If the word or concept we are looking for does not exist, we can create it! Here are 3Continue Reading


Confession: I consume great quantities of content on a daily basis…pretty normal. But after a while, I realized, instead of feeling energized and inspired, I was feeling drained and exhausted! How am I working on striking the right balance between consuming content and creating? Doing a better job at keepingContinue Reading